How to......a quick guide.

Venetian Plaster possesses a natural brilliant marble effect.

Ideal Substrates are lime, gypsum plaster cement or dry wall. Care should be taken if applying to chipboard, medium density and OSB, as these substrates should not be affected by humidity.

It is not recommended that natural wood or PVC panels are used as substrate as they expand and contract easily.

The Substrate should be clean, smooth and level, ensuring any seams between plasterboard panels are filled to the level of the rest of the wall. When the surface is clean, smooth and dry, apply one coat of specialist primer to the whole area using a normal roller brush.

Material and colour preparation
Venetian Plaster should be prepared 24 hours before application using a normal paint mixer drill attachment.

Mixing to an even cream fluid it is now that you can add your chosen colour pigment. We supply a wide choice of liquid colour pigments to obtain the required hue and pattern to the finish.

See our sample colour ranges and gallery for examples of the results you can expect with Venetian Plaster.

Using a large stainless steel trowel, apply an even 2-3mm thick coat of the product to the whole wall taking care not to leave scratch marks, verifying the thickness of the coat. Leave to dry for 24 hours.
Using the same trowel you can apply a second coat of same thickness or thinner. Leave to dry.

Finally using the same trowel, or smaller for a reduced physical tiredness to the finish, apply a third coat of minimal thickness.

For best results work in small areas of approximately 40cm2 sections. When each section is complete, with a clean trowel press the area with trowel edge to polish the coat to a smooth finish.

Venetian Plaster does not need artificial polish and naturally possesses a brilliant marble effect.
Because of its porosity we do recommend that you use our Venetian wax to preserve the finish. Once waxed the surface can be cleaned with a regular detergent and/or clean water.

Pro Tip
As with any project, saving time and money on preparation and materials can mean below average results, we supply tools and materials of the highest quality to complete your project.

Careful preparation and quality materials are an investment and will result in a true masterpiece.

For more information please contact us and/or order a comprehensive demonstration video or CD ROM.