What is Venetian Plaster ?

Invented by 14th Century Venetian Painters.

Venetian Plaster is a soft cream plaster suitable for walls and ceilings containing blends of the finest marble powders, long aged lime and water, it is a totally natural mixture which is virtually odourless containing no solvents.

The superior enduring qualities of Venetian plaster are the main reason many of the elegant works of the Renaissance artists are still intact to the present day.

This liquid marble, which is available in a huge range of colours, allows the walls to breathe freely and naturally, and is by nature an excellent mould repellant. It's seamless application means that it is the most hygienic solution that will suit every situation.

In short Venetian Plaster is the only product on the market if you desire the following qualities:-

* Quality marble finish not susceptible to moisture
* High durability
* Totally natural and odourless
* Extensive colour ranges
* Hygienic and mould repellant
* Totally seamless
* Stylish and elegant
* Affordable quality
* Easy to apply